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Luke Bentley III, Attorney at Law

Luke Bentley III has been representing the legal interest of people in Northern and Eastern Kentucky for more than 20 years. Whether in the courtroom or outside of it, his clients appreciate the skill, forceful advocacy, and compassion that help them navigate through the legal system.


Family Law

Going through divorce, child custody proceedings and other family related legal matters can be the most challenging and difficult times you will ever face.  Luke’s clients quickly come to appreciate his realistic and down-to-earth style and value his compassion; the other parties to a dispute quickly learn to respect his strength and resolve.

The legal issues in a divorce case can be overwhelming: child custody, child support and time-sharing; spousal support; division of family assets; sale of the family home; division of pension plans; and much more.  Luke brings more than 20 years of experience to these issues to protect and advance his clients’ interests.

Sometimes later developments can cause even more difficulty: visitation problems; changes in child support or spousal support due to new jobs or changing financial circumstances; or the impact of a custodial parent moving to a new location.  Luke stands with his clients for the long term and continues to advise and assist them for as long as they need him.

Most importantly, Luke helps his clients to limit the financial and emotional costs of their family dispute, while protecting their interests and guiding them through the legal process.  Luke has proven experience in all levels of court, but he seeks first to resolve issues through negotiation and mediation. 

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To learn more about Luke’s client-first approach to Family Law or to schedule a Free Consultation contact him at or phone 606.796.6300.


With over 20 years of success, Luke Bentley III is committed to superior and personal client representation at an affordable price.